Each Friday during the 6 weeks summer holidays we have held a lunch and play session for all the families within the anfield area. We have provided hot meals which have included: scouse, curry, chilli, bolognaise all provided by local business Homebaked.

Angela from homebaked has created some delicious foods and provided an excellent service for us and the families who have attended. We would like to thank her and the team at Homebaked for their hard work and dedication during this time.

Many thanks to the local councilors who provided the funding for us to be able to host these events.

Throughout the lunch and play sessions there has been a variety of toys and activities for the children to explore as well as providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the parents to meet new people and communicate with staff.

The event created a lovely warm and welcoming atmosphere and the children and parents have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We have had great feedback from those who have attended and they were pleased that the children have tried different and new foods. Parents have asked if this event will continue during the future holidays.


Over the 5 week’s we have provided food for 170 people who have all gave excellent feedback.

Here are some of the parent’s comments…

“I have made some great friends here during the holidays” – Vicky

“It’s a shame that more people haven’t come after all your hard work. It is a brilliant idea!. – Melissa

“This is amazing” – Ellis  “I cant believe he is eating it” – Holly

“The kids have sat better at the table”

“They wouldn’t eat that at home”




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