Free school meal vouchers

From Monday 27th April 2020 schools will issue free school meal vouchers.

If you have any queries about vouchers, please contact your child’s school by telephone or check their website for updates.

Use our schools search to find the contact details for schools in Liverpool.

Not yet registered?

If you think your child is eligible for free school meals you will need to register for benefits-related free school meals. You need to register before can receive vouchers. This form must also be used by asylum seekers who have not yet registered for free school meals.

Vouchers for families with no recourse to public funds

The government has announced that some families who have no recourse to public funds are now eligible for free school meal vouchers. This includes families that:

  • are reliant on section 4 support
  • have been granted leave to remain as ‘Zambrano carers’
  • have been granted leave to remain under Article 8 ECHR
  • are supported under section 17 Children Act 1989 and who have ‘no recourse to public funds’.

To apply for vouchers if you are listed in one of the groups above, please email


To visit the Liverpool City Council ‘Free School Meal Vouchers’ webpage please click here.

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